Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

To truly control any process, you must precisely measure what is happening — in the feedline, in the chamber, at every point — then use that information in real time to keep the process precisely on-target and productive.

As the global leader in precision fluid measurement and control, mass flow meter manufacturer Brooks Instrument continues to innovate thermal mass flow technology. From thermal flow sensors and mass flow metering systems, we continually launch new products and enhance existing systems to unlock new levels of thermal mass flow measurement precision, responsiveness, accuracy, and repeatability.

Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Mass flow control technology. Unsurpassed process precision.

Key reasons why our mass flow sensors are the most widely used worldwide include:

  • Industry-best range of digital mass flow meters and other products to meet widest application needs
  • MultiFlo™ technology allows one device to change gas types and ranges without removing the device from the system and improving actual process gas accuracy. MultiFlo™ is offered for use with thermal thermal mass or flow sensors
  • Complete product range includes both elastomer sealed and metal sealed options for thermal mass flow sensors and coriolis mass flow sensors
  • Ultra-high purity mass flow sensors and devices engineered to satisfy thin film, semiconductor and other high-tech industry requirements


  • Heat treating, cutting and other thermal processes for mass flow sensors
  • Semiconductor and LED production tools
  • Thin film deposition systems
  • Biopharmaceutical bioreactors
  • Petrochemical and chemical gas and liquid pilot plants
  • Purge gas, process analysis and analytical flow measurement

Elastomer Sealed Thermal

Metal Sealed

High Temperature Thermal