Process Instruments: Find Your Complete Solution with Control Plus

Finding a single product for your engineering or manufacturing facility may be one thing.

But how do you handle a complicated problem that requires you to research, design, and build a complete solution? Suddenly you’re devoting manpower you don’t have to engineering, purchasing, and construction questions.

Instead, consider Control Plus. Our experienced staff do the research for you, supplying a custom-made process instrumentation system solution, designed to your precise specifications – saving you time, hassle, and EPC costs.

In our 25+ years in the field, we’ve talked to hundreds of businesses like yours and dozens of manufacturers of instrumentation. When you’re faced with a challenge, we either have the answer ready for you, or we figure it out, fast. Read more about our relationship-driven approach to customer service.

The manufacturers we bring on board are the best in the business – no fly-by-night companies here. We do the vetting for you, so you can focus on running your plant with confidence.

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